Weight Loss Starts Within Our Brains

The brain is the body's command center. This is true both from an unaware autonomic sense and from a conscious, willful sense. From that central place, instructions flow to our bodies to keep us functioning and to purposely move around in our environment.

Within the confines of our minds, we also have the ability to tell ourselves that something is possible or impossible. Sometimes things truly are impossible to do but other times our own thinking makes it that way.

I once tutored basic math to college students. When I encountered people who were having trouble understanding negative numbers I was surprised. Yet, if a person could balance a check book, they could understand negative numbers.

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However, until the analogy was drawn, these people had difficulty actually performing calculations with negative numbers. What previously seemed impossible, gradually became possible. It was with expanding knowledge and experience that they were able to grow mathematically.

Isn't it much the same with almost everything else too? I bet you have plenty of examples of subjects or topics that seemed daunting at first until you began to learn more about them. After a certain point of gaining knowledge and experience some subjects probably became second nature to you. You may have even begun to wonder how other people, didn't 'get it'.

If you have ever had the pleasure of tutoring or teaching someone else, you catch a glimpse of the learning process from a second party viewpoint. It's a beautiful thing to watch someone learn and grow. It can also be rewarding to know that you had something to do with it.

Imagine that weight loss is much the same. Could it be that it is just a lack of experience and understanding that creates a barrier for you or someone you love?

What is the key to breaking down that barrier? Experience and knowledge is the answer. Study, read up on weight loss, and experiment with what works and what does not work. Over time, you will be able to wade through the confusion and find the results you are seeking. The only other ingredient is the will to keep going until you find the answer.

The first step is to get worthwhile information about what works and what does not work. Has there ever really been many subjects that could be completely covered from only one text book or point of view?

The question becomes, "who's information should I trust"? When you are just starting out on your quest to lose weight that can be a daunting inquiry.

May I suggest avoiding fad diets that begin with a fast for 'cleansing purposes'? These diets tend to violate long term and sound weight loss principles for the sake of short term results. This is different from caloric restriction. Caloric restriction has its place, but you can restrict calories and still eat.

The idea of cleansing or detox does have a place, but it is not for long term, more permanent weight loss results. It can get you short term results though. Who wants to fast every time he wants to shed a few pounds?

Determination, motivation and ever expanding knowledge may be the ticket to getting you to your weight loss goals. The good news is that you know it is physically possible to lose weight in most cases because others have done it. That leaves the final factor to be solved within the space between one's own ears. You can do it, just go for it!

This article is for information purposes only and is not intended to provide advice. Consult with your physician before dieting or taking up exercise.

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