Weight Loss Meal Plans-Boost Your Chances of Weight Loss Success

For anyone who is overweight and struggling to lose weight
on the latest fad diet, you will know that popular diets
with their 'one size fits all' meal plans can be restrictive
and boring. Two weeks into it and you find yourself lacking
motivation and looking around for 'real food' which leads to
binge eating and self hatred.

You wouldn't undertake an exercise program designed to help
an elite athlete lose body fat, so why would you embark on a
meal plan that has been generically devised for the
'average' overweight person? These plans do not take into
account your individual body type and situation. You need
to devise meal plans that suit you, your lifestyle and your
body needs.

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So where do you go and how do you find resources to develop
personalized meal plans? Well, as with everything, there
are good plans and there are not so good plans. When
looking to develop personalized meal plans use the following
as a guide to ensure you are getting the best possible
individually tailored program.

1. Ensure you are asked to give extensive information about
yourself and your body: e.g. your height, weight, age, daily
activity level and what those activities are, body fat, body
measurements etc.

2. Ensure that daily calorie requirements are calculated for
you and your body.

3. The ability to create meal plans depending on your own
goals is important. Your weight loss goals will invariably change over time so
the plan should be flexible and able to be revised as your
weight loss goals change.

4. The freedom to add in your own choice of foods, within
set guidelines, is also important. To avoid the boredom factor the plan should
be flexible enough to provide a wide variety of food choices.

5. Having a large variety of foods to choose from is
important to keep you motivated and interested.

6. Also a good plan will equip you with ways to measure your
progress. Seeing results is the ultimate motivator so you want to be
able to produce measurable outcomes which you can use on a
daily, weekly, monthly basis. This also serves to provide
feedback on how the plan is working, or not working, for you
and allows for timely modifications to be made to the plan.

If you have been struggling for years on generic diets,
becoming frustrated and despondent then throw all those diet
books away and get serious. If you really want to achieve
success then a personalized weight loss program is your
answer. It doesn't have to be hard and it doesn't have to
be expensive to get the right advice.

If you follow the guidelines set out above you will be well
on your way to achieving your weight loss goals. I wish you
luck on your journey.

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