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Loosing weight had been one of the most discussed topics in today's world. Ever since being thin had been the trend of being noted as beautiful, men and women alike had obsessed about getting thin for the shortest time possible.

Weight loss pills and surgical interventions had been introduced to attract individuals to try such strategy. What most people don not see are the side effects that can be the onset of preferring such methods over the natural and healthier way of losing weight.

Among the side effects of diet pills may be nausea, loose stools/constipation, trembling, dry mouth, urinary tract disorders, heart palpitations and headaches.

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Surgical intervention, aside from being expensive, is not for everyone. This is only usually being performed to individuals who are classified as being morbidly obese and had failed at medically restricted diets.

On the other hand, various books had been published and many articles had been written on various weight losing schemes. From the no carbohydrate diets to water therapies which all vouch for the ability to help reduce weight at a certain period of time.

Diets, which concentrate on eating only a certain type of food, might not be a good idea since an individual might be deprived of the other needed nutrients.

Being thin does not necessarily mean that one is much healthier. Weight much be in proportion with one's height as can be measure with one's body mass index.

Loosing weight should only be considered to minimize health risks and to attain the ideal body mass index.

Below are some weight loss diet plans that are healthy, safe and relatively easy to follow. It is always best to consider that the best weight loss plans are those that promote healthy eating habits that would result to losing and maintaining one's ideal weight.

Medical consultation. Before starting any diet plan, an individual must always consult a physician to determine if the intended diet plan suits the person involved.

Healthy and appealing eating. Some weight loss diets focuses on eating from a specific food group only. This usually leaves an individual deprived of some other nutrients.

It is best to choose a weight loss plan that includes ingesting food with all the nutrients in the food pyramid.

Eating frequent but smaller meals would make an individual feel much fuller for a longer period of time. Skipping meals only promotes the urge to eat more during the following meal.

By adding more fruits and vegetable to the diet, an individual may feel fuller during every meal, minus the calories.

Do not deprive one self of sweets, for example shakes. Healthy shakes are made of low-fat milk or juice (about 12 fluid oz.) with fruits and ice.

The idea is to eat everything in moderation. This would inhibit binging and would encourage an individual to stick to the plan.

Exercising. Healthy eating should always be accompanied with the proper cardiovascular activity. Exercising at least 30 to 60 minutes for at least five days in a week is advisable.

Gradual weight loss. A weight loss plan that would result to a slow but steady loss of weight (which is about ¾ to at least 2 pounds a week) is ideal. During the start of the plan, it is normal to lose weight at a much faster rate, but this should not be more than 3 pounds a week.

Behavior. This mean understanding oneself before starting on a weight loss plan. This includes determining which food one craves the most and the situations which triggers him or her to eat (for example, being nervous or stressed causes one to indulge in sweets etc).

The individual must be able to will himself or herself to say no when the urge to binge strikes. When he or she can do this, there is a must bigger chance that the person would be able to stick with the plan.

Maintenance plan. Once the desired weight had been achieved, the work does not stop there. The individual must have a plan as to how to maintain the new healthy weight and what physical activities to pursue.

It is best to continue with the regular healthy eating diet one had been used to at the start of the program, only gradually or ingesting "unhealthy" foods in moderation, so as not to necessarily deprive oneself of life's simple pleasures.

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