How To Find Weight Loss Supplements That Work-Be Careful! Just Because Claims Are Made By A Well-K

: In January 2007, the FTC fined 3 manufacturers of well-known weight loss products for deceptive claims. 2 of these manufacturers lacked scientific evidence to support their claims. 1 manufacturer "buried" their test results, that proved to be poor. This article provides 4 guidelines for finding clinically-proven to work weight loss products.

Chicago, Illinois, January 16, 2007. Recently, three well-known and heavily advertised weight loss products, TrimSpa, Xenadrine and One-A-Day were fined $25 million by the Federal Trade Commission, for false and deceptive advertising.

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The FTC judgment was based on the fact that two of the three companies making these products had no scientific data what-so-ever to substantiate their claims of weight reduction benefits.

The third company, Nutraquest, received the biggest fine of $12.8 million, because they conducted scientific studies, but the results were not what they wanted to hear.

In fact, in clinical studies conducted by this maker of Xendrine, test participants taking a placebo lost more weight than those using the Xenadrine weight loss supplement!

This outcome was obviously never part of their advertising campaign, a fact that did not amuse the FTC.

So how do you sift through the false claims or junk science and find a supplement that will truly help you to lose weight?

The answer is to look for the following:

#1 Be skeptical of any marketer claiming outrageously great results, without diet or exercise, in short periods of time.

Some manufacturers claim, "eat anything you want, anytime you want and still lose weight". Others highlight celebrities that will repeat any words that the sponsoring company puts in their mouths, whether true or not (for example, Anna Nicole Simpson's endorsement of TrimSpa).
#2 Closely scrutinize claims such as "clinical studies prove..." and "Doctor recommended".
These are empty statements unless backed up by solid evidence, conducted at reputable medical institutions. Proper claim verification by reputable organizations is expensive and often, as in the case of Xenadrine, doesn't provide the results the manufacturer states.
Customers for dietary supplements need to verify all clinical study claims by asking, "Does the clinical study or studies exist?" and "Do I recognize the organizations that conducted the tests, to be reputable (such as Harvard, Georgetown, Creighton or other known medical institution)?
#3 Does the dosage, purity level and ingredient amount match that used in clinical testing.
Fully documented and clinically-supported active ingredients, such as ChomeMate, Citrimax and others are very expensive. Some manufacturers claim their products contain an active ingredient proven to promote healthy weight loss, yet dilute or water down the amount, to save money. Unfortunately, "cutting the ingredients", as it's called, minimizes or negates the benefits.

#4 Seek out advice from reputable sources.

Dr. Nicholas Perricone, New York Times best-selling author of 5 health and longevity books recently identified a weight loss ingredient, ChromeMate, in his recently published book, as an effective diabetic weight loss ingredient.

Dr. Perricone strongly noted, in recommending this ingredient, that the claims made have been extensively documented in double blind placebo testing done at a reputable organization (Georgetown University Medical Center).

Here's an example of a noted institution, conducting precision clinical studies, verifying benefits.

By looking for weight loss products properly tested and verified by reputable medical institutions, manufactured in accordance with clinical test dosage, purity and ingredient strength, and by listening to reputable credibility sources such as Dr. Perricone and others, you will be able to find diabetic weight loss products that will truly help you get healthier in the new year.

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