Weight Loss Menus-5 Important Reasons Not To Use Generic Fad Diet Menus

How many times have you tried the latest fad generic
weight loss menus that promise the world yet leave you
frustrated, fatigued and still struggling with your weight.
Well, read on to discover why these fad diets don't work and
what you can do to boost your chances of weight loss

1) First and foremost you are an individual and the way your
body responds to food is different than the next person.
This is due, in part, to your body type and metabolism. We
all have the ability to lose weight and tone up we just have
to know what works for our body and not what works for
someone else. This is why some people can lose weight on
the "one-size-fits-all" diets but most are just left
frustrated. If you are not working with your body and its
needs you will just be chasing your tail and getting
frustrated at your lack of progress.

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2) The food that is set down in concrete for you to eat is
more often than not boring, tasteless and nutritionally
deficient. If it is not the right kind of food for your
metabolism, or given in the right combinations, you won't
get very far.

3) Lack of variety. The biggest reason why people fail at
diets is because they get bored with the strict food
regimens and lose motivation. Diet plans need to be full
of a variety of foods and need to be flexible to change with
you as your weight loss goals change.

4) More often than not fad weight loss menus are full of
hard-to-find or expensive food items further hampering your
motivation. Weight loss menus need to include food that is
easily accessible from your local grocery store or easily

5) They often recommend unhealthy diet guidelines. Some
encourage no fat eating, others no carbohydrates and high
protein. All completely ignore the fact that you are an
individual and eating this way for your body type may
actually cause nutritional deficiencies and leave you
feeling flat and tired. Essential fatty acids and
carbohydrates are crucial for a healthy body and if you are
depriving your body of them on one of these fad diets then
your body will be malnourished leading to a host of
unpleasant symptoms.

To achieve your weight loss goals I advise you to ditch the
fad diet books and look at getting your weight loss menus
custom developed for your body type and situation.

You will see results as you start to work with your body
rather than against it. Your motivation will be high and
you will have the energy to succeed where previously you
have struggled.

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