What You Should Know Before You Buy Hoodia Weight Loss Pills

While many people lose weight with hoodia gordonii dietary supplements, they do not work for everyone. The question is what exactly caused the lack of results for those people. Hoodia weight loss pills should work as an appetite suppressant, if they contain genuine hoodia gordonii. Research by Phytopharm (the company which owns the patent for the active molecule in hoodia gordonii) and at Brown University supports the effectiveness of hoodia gordonii as an appetite suppressant. So, how does the consumer know if the product they are about to purchase contains genuine hoodia gordonii?

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Many governments in South Africa (country of origin for hoodia gordonii) have placed strict limitations on the exportation of hoodia gordonii. Manufacturers of hoodia weight loss pills must be licensed by these South African governments, if their products contain genuine hoodia gordonii. Those manufactures who are licensed will display a CITES certification on their websites or product package. Those consumers who are hoping to lose weight with hoodia should look for this certification, but beware, there are companies which say that they have a CITES certificate, but will only make it available for inspection upon purchase. One such company is being investigated for selling counterfeit hoodia weight loss pills.

Hoodia gordonii is expensive and quantities are limited. The hoodia weight loss pills sold "off the shelf" in discount pharmacies probably contain little or no hoodia gordonii. Reputable manufactures may offer discounts and free shipping on multiple bottles, but if the price is too low, then the consumer should beware. Genuine herbs of all kinds are relatively expensive. Anyone who purchases herbs for other health benefits and wants to lose weight with hoodia has an advantage over those who are unfamiliar with herbs. They know that a quality product does not come cheaply.

There are stories on the web written by people who have been unable to get a refund on hoodia weight loss pills. These stories are written by people who say that they were not able to lose weight with hoodia. This situation is easily avoidable. Reputable companies display return information on their websites. It may seem like a lot of trouble to read this information about return authorizations and other limitations, but it is worthwhile. Only a few companies will accept returns of opened bottles if a customer is unable to lose weight with hoodia. Hoodia XR is one that does.

Reputable companies will not make claims about their products that are "too good to be true". Anyone who wants to lose weight with hoodia must reduce their daily caloric intake and increase their activity. Hoodia weight loss pills are appetite suppressants. They may help dieters stick to their plans and achieve their goals, but they will not work in any other way. Hoodia weight loss pills do not burn fat off while we sleep or "melt" the pounds away as some products are advertised to do. Some may ask, "If I have to eat less and exercise, then why should I take hoodia?" The answer to that question is, "If you can stick to a low calorie diet and exercise regularly without feeling deprived, hungry and exhausted, then you are probably not overweight."

In conclusion, to those who are interested in trying to lose weight with hoodia weight loss pills, buy genuine hoodia gordonii from a reputable company that sells other health supplements or herbs and openly displays their return policy in writing.

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